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Wearable Micro Engraved Gems

Shakespeare NanoJewelry®
Heart Locket

What do you tell someone you love, when you just don't have the words to describe your feelings? Turn to one of the most famous authors of the English language - William Shakespeare, whose plays still resonate 400 years after his death, and whose love sonnets continue to catch the breath of lovers around the world.

This two-piece sterling silver and diamond filigree locket Contains the text of Shakespeare’s sonnets - 17,700 words engraved on the NanoJems® crystal inside the locket.

NanoJems® crystal: 0.25” square

Locket: 1.5” x 1.5” x 0.25”

Includes 16” sterling silver box chain with spring ring clasp

Click here to read the text engraved on this NanoJems® crystal

(Also Available with Entire Text of Romeo and Juliet (more than 25,000 words). Click to read the text engraved on that NanoJems® crystal)

Shakespeare's Sonnets in a filigree heart pendant

NanoJems® Dog Tag

Show your pride and humility by wearing the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence next to your heart. The title can be read with the naked eye and the preamble can be read with a 40x magnifier or jeweler's loupe. The rest of the text is engraved as the stripes of the American Flag and can be read with higher power magnification. In total, the text of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence combine for 6,163 words engraved on this Nanojems® crystal.

Dog tag: 2.5” x 1.5” x 0.05”

NanoJems® Crystal: 0.25” square

Includes 18” 14k gold plated bead chain

Click here to read the text engraved on this NanoJems® crystal

US Constitution etched in 1cm square

Get yours personalized! We can have your phrase of choice and a high contrast image engraved on the back of the US Constitution dog tag.

Dog tag with etched name of  Andrew Nicol, high contrast photo, and squadron motto


Jeweler's Loupe
Features 20x and 40x magnification and LED illumination.

jeweler's loupe with two levels of magnification and LED light

Digital USB microscope magnifies 10x to 200x, and plugs in to any computer or laptop.


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USB powered microscope




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