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Get your message - your whole message - engraved on a piece of wearable art. Our social purchase plan lets you create a design, promote it, and we take preorders until the minimum quantity is met. You receive a commission of 3% of the gross project price for each successful project. Or, purchase in quantity for a foundation and use as a fundraising premium. Or, simply submit your design. If your design is selected and goes to production you can purchase 5 or more of the finished product to share with friends.


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US Constitution etched in 1cm square

NanoCanvas® Media

At the nexus of technology and inspiration, this patented technique merges traditional engraving of art or data with multilevel microlithography and unprecedented beauty and wonder.

A flat, glossy surface of silicon or sapphire crystal can be etched with patterns, images, and text in any formation, visible to the naked eye, visible with magnification, or a combination of both! Data, logos, representational art, and abstract patterns (as pictured to the right) can be etched and framed or mounted. Crystals and plates can also be diamond coated for added value, strength, and fire resistance - especially valuable for printed data storage and legacy pieces.

Maximum NanoCanvas® Media plate size:
8" square or 12" diameter round
Plates can also be combined to create a larger work


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NanoCanvas abstract composition



The closer you look, the more you'll see: microetched, nanopatterned jewelry, gifts, and keepsakes

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