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About Us

Born in the foundries of Silicon Valley, and transplanted to the beautiful Reno Tahoe area, the dream of making NanoJems® products a reality has been growing since 1997. Our company was founded in 2001 and we are Grant Korgan, Steven Malekos, Elton Colbert, and Jesse Adams. NanoJems holds an issued patent, pending patents, and registered trademarks for its technology, methodology, and marketing of microlithographic monuments.

NanoJems is represented by Al Brandano of da Vinci Group Inc. and by Susan Peterson of Above the Fold Marketing. Contact us today about a custom NanoJems® design for your fundraising campaign, graduation or celebration. We can make hundreds of pieces that carry the message of your cause!


The closer you look, the more you'll see: microetched, nanopatterned jewelry, gifts, and keepsakes

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